Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pretty, Pretty Princess...

A few weeks ago I found a pink princess bath robe in Eva's closet. It is clearly meant for an infant.....but Eva quickly fell in love with it and insists on wearing the robe almost every day. This girl is obsessed..and refers to herself as a princess while she has it on.

The other night while the boys were at Home Depot (doing manly things) I decided Eva and I would have a girls night. I painted her fingernails and we had a tea party...of course she had to wear her princess robe. I snapped a few pictures while I was painting her nails..but didn't get any of the tea party :( Maybe next time!

Here are a few pics of the princess....

It has been a while since I posted last so I will try and catch everyone up on the family happenings from the last month....

Trev has been working very hard on the basement! He just finished all the trim work last weekend..and now we are trying to decide what to do for flooring. This topic could be a whole post on it own! I will try and get some good pictures of Trev's work and post them later. Jak has been daddy's little helper..and even has his own work bench downstairs in the clubhouse... if you ask him what he is doing at his bench he will tell you that he is "building a basement" too cute...

A couple weekends ago we went with the Rott's to Exploration Place. The kids loved everything about that place...but I'm pretty sure they could have spent hours at the water table. Afterwards we went on a walk to check out the Keeper of the Plains. It always amazes me that we have lived here for over 2 years now and still have sooo many things we haven't done or seen.

Last weekend we attended Emmy and Heath Harp's 30th Birthday Party. It was an 80's themed party.. and was totally awesome :) Of course I waited until the last minute to come up with an 80's outfit...but thanks to Kylie, we made a trip to Claires where we hit the 80's jewelery mother load! Who knew 80's was back in style? Not me! Kylie and I even managed to get the guys to dress up! Kylie broke out her old crimper...I put my hair in a side pony tail...add some neon clothes and jewelery..and we were ready to go!

AND...last, but not least... :) This last sunday I realized I was 14 weeks pregnant...ALREADY?!?! It is funny how fast time goes by! I thought I would put a picture up to mark the second trimester. I know..I'm huge already! I'm going to be as big as a house by the end of 9 months!!!!

(thank you to kylie for some the pictures from Exploration Place and the 80's party!!!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jak Krehbiel...aka Pablo Picasso

Jak has always loved to draw. In just a few short months Jak has gone from drawing squiggly lines and scribbles to drawing cars and people. I was amazed when he brought his magna doodle to me and said "mommy, look! I drew Jak!!" I might be a little biased...but I think his drawings are pretty good for a 3 year old!

The two drawings below are the first two pictures he drew of himself. Trev and I kinda laughed cause he looks a little bit like Wall-E

This is supposed to be Mommy, Daddy, and Jak... LOL!