Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Holidays...

Wow, The holiday season is almost over. Where does the time go??? I feel like I just put up the christmas decorations and now it is almost time to take them down. We've had a fun filled holidays. Here is a quick recap....

We made gingerbread houses at church... The kids had a great time. Those happen to be some well-built gingerbread houses!! Eva..being the stubborn little girl that she is...HAD to carry it to the car all by herself. Of course, she dropped it off her plate onto the floor...and it stayed in one piece!!!! I was so impressed!!!

Holiday Baking...This year we made chocolate covered preztels, peanut butter blossoms, chocolate crinkles, peanut butter pretzels, and candy cane cookies. The kids love to help, aka eat the cookie dough.

I put the kids in charge of the sprinkles...Eva got a little "sprinkle happy".

Can you tell which one is Eva's??

Ela can't help much when we make goodies...but she loves to stand by the stove and watch the cookies bake. So cute :)

Trimming the Tree.... I let the kids decorate the tree all by themselves this year. They did a pretty good job!! Ela was more interested in taking the ornaments off the tree than putting them on.

Christmas Canon.. The kids sang in the Festival Of Choirs at Church. The last song was The Christmas Canon. MY FAV CHRISTMAS SONG!!! They did such a good job..and were also super cute!!! Here is the video of them singing. Enjoy!

Santa...Of all places to see Santa...we saw him at a Pizza restaurant!! Jak and Eva were really excited to see him. Jak asked for a Wildcat helmet and Eva asked for a Barbie.

Christmas Eve.. This year we made the trip up to Nebraska for Christmas. Here are the kids before the Christmas Eve service. They were all dressed up..and so excited for Christmas.

Next post...Christmas day!!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Very Pinteresting....

Well, I've been bit by the bug...the Pinterest Bug. Last month my bunco girls convinced me to check out Pinterest. So after a night of talking about all the cool ideas, recipes and projects they have seen on this website I went home and signed up. They were right, it is soooo addicting. I thought I would share some of my recent Pinterest projects.

Tulle Halloween Wreath..
This was so fun to make! I went to Hobby Lobby and bought 100 yards of black tulle (4 spools at 25yd/each..$2/spool) and a foam wreath at $3. I cut the tulle into many, many, many equal length and then tied them around the foam wreath. That's it. Easy, eh? I threw some plastic spider rings on it to give it a Halloween touch :)

Love this , and use it every day!!! I bought an open back frame ($11) a gessoed artist panel ($4), and a can of chalkboard spray paint ($7). I sprayed the panel with several coats of chalkboard spray paint then glued it into the frame. This is probably one of my favorite projects..and plan on making some more of these chalkboards!!

Dry Erase Calender..
I bought a blank calender pdf on Etsy ($2)..printed it off..attached it to a piece of colored cardstock and put it inside a frame that I bought a Hobby Lobby ($4.50) and VOILA! A dry erase calender!! Love it!

A Christmas Countdown..
This project cost a total of $2. I already had the frame, paper, stickers, clothes pin and ribbon. I bought two flip calenders at Dollar General for $1 each. I just cut the numbers off the easy! The kids love it!!! They remind me every morning to change the number.

this is the back..a place to hold the extra numbers.

As you can see...I have probably spent way too much time and $$ at Hobby Lobby. Oh well, it is so much fun!! This is just the beginning...I'm sure there are more to come!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clean and Organize!!

A couple weeks ago I started feeling like this house was in DESPERATE NEED of some serious organizing. I found a blog called Delightful Order that has a 21 day challenge. I decided to take this challenge and get our house in order!!! I must admit, it is going to take more than 21 days. With 3 kids, prechool, and all of the other sfuff going on in our lives, I feel like this might be more like a 3 month challenge. So far, I have cleaned and organized..the junk drawer, the kids rooms, the master closet...and MY FAV, the kitchen pantry!!!! The pantry was by far the biggest challenge. It was a mess..and when I say mess, I mean a disaster!! We have a big walk in pantry and it was so unorganized and cluttered that I felt like the walls were closing in. It took me all afternoon....and it turned out AWESOME!!! It makes me smile every time I open the doors and walk in there. I never thought organizing would feel soooooooooooo good!! I took some before and after pictures....





Not too bad, eh?? Next project...master and hall bathrooms.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Run Forrest, RUN!!

October 2010 I set a goal. I wanted to run the Prairie Fire Half Marathon in October of 2011. Up until July, I thought it was just another goal that I had set and didn't follow through with. Then one evening at Bunco, a couple girls and I started talking about running. Something lit a fire inside me again and I decided that this was a goal I was going to make good on. 13 weeks ago, on July 18th, I started my training. I found a website with a training plan...and started running. I have to say, my training has had its fair share of ups and downs. I didn't exactly do all the strength and cross training that it asked me to do, BUT, I have logged 155 miles of running!! I did the math and that comes out to 25 hours of running..and 17,550 calories burned!! Whoa.

This Sunday, October 9th, is the race. 13.1 miles. The weatherman is forecasting a rainy morning..yuck. I have not ran in the rain so I really don't know what to expect. SOOO...please pray for a sunny Sunday and wish me luck!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


For those of you who aren't familiar with the term "EMAW" means Every Man A Wildcat. Now you know!!!! K-State football is off to a good start this year and we definitely have a lot of Purple Pride here at the Krehbiel house!!

Go State!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

First day of school...

I am a little slow with this one, but better late than never....right? September 6th was Jak and Eva's first day of preschool. This is the 2nd year for both of them, so needless to say drop off went smoothly. I asked them to pose for a 1st day of school pic...they were so cute!

Even Ela joined the picture fest!

When we arrived at school, Graham and Lilah were just getting out of their truck too. The kids were so excited to walk into the building together. Eva and Lilah held hands on the way was ADROABLE!!

We made all 4 kids pose for one last pic before they went inside. You can tell they were really excited about it :)

The 1st day went well. Both kids LOVE their teachers and have made good friends in their classes. It looks like it is going to be a busy, but fun school year.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our summer in a nutshell....

Bachelorette parties, graduations, concerts, birthdays, 4th of July, a wedding, camping trips and much, much more! To say that this summer was busy would be a huge understatement! I feel like we have barely had time to sit down and catch our breath...and now summer is over and school is just about to start!! I have not been very good about updating this blog because our lives have been so hectic...I will do my best to recap the summer.

June: Kathleen came to live with us for the month of June. The kids always love to have their Aunt Leenie come and stay! I'm sure after a month of hanging out with our 3 hooligans, Aunt Leenie was ready to go home and get some peace and quiet!! :)

One of my favorite memories in June was taking the kids to the Randy Rogers Band concert at the River Festival. They are huge fans..and so are Trev and I!!!

Kristen's bachelorette party was in the beginning of June...We went to Kansas City for the was a blast!!! As part of the event, we took a pole dancing class. It was sooo much fun, and Kristen is a natural..hehehe. I would love to post a bunch of pics..BUT, I think Kristen would kill me!! :) Here is one that is probably acceptable.

June was also the last month of Trev's residency. I can't believe how fast the last 4 years have gone!!!! We attended his residency graduation on June 25th. It was a great night and I am so incredibly proud of his hard work and accomplishments.

July: Oh, July. The busiest month of all. We took the camper to Lovewell Lake for 8 days, celebrated the 4th of July and 5 birthdays, attended bible school and went to Nebraska for my little sisters wedding. Phew..makes me tired just thinking about it all. Here are some pics to recap the month.

Our trip to Lovewell Lake was lots of fun. Lovewell is only 10 minutes away from where my parents live so they were able to come and visit every day. Nana and Papa even made a trip up for one day to hang out! It was fun showing them around the lake that I grew up on. A big thank you to The Rott's and Papa&Nana for letting us borrow their boat for the trip. We spent a lot of time boating, roasting marshmallows, playing bocce ball and having water fights. It was a great trip!

This year the kids were super excited about the 4th of July. They LOVED the fireworks. The 4th also happens to be Uncle Garrett's birthday. Its hard to believe, but this year he turned 17!! We went out to Nana and Papa's house to celebrate Garretts b-day and shoot off fireworks. The favorite fireworks this year were smoke bombs, sparklers and snaps. We also were able to take our 2nd annual, 4th of July kids pics...and this year we had 2 more kids to add to the picture. They are so stinkin' cute!

July is known, in our family, as the month of many birthdays. Garrett, Brady, Kylie, Trever and Ela!!!! That is 5 birthdays!!! That also means a lot of cake and ice cream!! This year was Ela's first birthday. I can't believe my baby is 1.

July 30th was Kristen and Brock's wedding. It was soooo beautiful. She was the most beautiful bride...and Eva and Jak were the cutest flower girl and ring bearer. We spent the hours before the wedding drinking mimosas, having our hair done and taking pictures. It was a super long day for the kids. They were up really late the night before, up early that morning and had NO NAPS. That is a recipe for least for Eva. :) They both did a good job taking pictures and at the ceremony, but by the time the reception rolled around she was in the middle of a complete meltdown. Thank goodness Nana and Kylie were there to take her back to the camper and put her in bed. That was a HUGE job!!!

We did find some time inbetween all the chaotic weekends to go camping at Cheney Lake. We love to stay at Smarsh Campground. There is always fun to be had there. Swimming in the pool, eating push-ups, helping prepare our "gourmet" camping dinners, playing in the creek, waters fights...the list goes on and on!

Wow, that was alot...and that didn't even include August!!!! I will take a break and update on August some other time. I hope everyone had an awesome summer!!! NOW...BRING ON FALL!!!!!!