Thursday, November 3, 2011

Very Pinteresting....

Well, I've been bit by the bug...the Pinterest Bug. Last month my bunco girls convinced me to check out Pinterest. So after a night of talking about all the cool ideas, recipes and projects they have seen on this website I went home and signed up. They were right, it is soooo addicting. I thought I would share some of my recent Pinterest projects.

Tulle Halloween Wreath..
This was so fun to make! I went to Hobby Lobby and bought 100 yards of black tulle (4 spools at 25yd/each..$2/spool) and a foam wreath at $3. I cut the tulle into many, many, many equal length and then tied them around the foam wreath. That's it. Easy, eh? I threw some plastic spider rings on it to give it a Halloween touch :)

Love this , and use it every day!!! I bought an open back frame ($11) a gessoed artist panel ($4), and a can of chalkboard spray paint ($7). I sprayed the panel with several coats of chalkboard spray paint then glued it into the frame. This is probably one of my favorite projects..and plan on making some more of these chalkboards!!

Dry Erase Calender..
I bought a blank calender pdf on Etsy ($2)..printed it off..attached it to a piece of colored cardstock and put it inside a frame that I bought a Hobby Lobby ($4.50) and VOILA! A dry erase calender!! Love it!

A Christmas Countdown..
This project cost a total of $2. I already had the frame, paper, stickers, clothes pin and ribbon. I bought two flip calenders at Dollar General for $1 each. I just cut the numbers off the easy! The kids love it!!! They remind me every morning to change the number.

this is the back..a place to hold the extra numbers.

As you can see...I have probably spent way too much time and $$ at Hobby Lobby. Oh well, it is so much fun!! This is just the beginning...I'm sure there are more to come!


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