Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clean and Organize!!

A couple weeks ago I started feeling like this house was in DESPERATE NEED of some serious organizing. I found a blog called Delightful Order that has a 21 day challenge. I decided to take this challenge and get our house in order!!! I must admit, it is going to take more than 21 days. With 3 kids, prechool, and all of the other sfuff going on in our lives, I feel like this might be more like a 3 month challenge. So far, I have cleaned and organized..the junk drawer, the kids rooms, the master closet...and MY FAV, the kitchen pantry!!!! The pantry was by far the biggest challenge. It was a mess..and when I say mess, I mean a disaster!! We have a big walk in pantry and it was so unorganized and cluttered that I felt like the walls were closing in. It took me all afternoon....and it turned out AWESOME!!! It makes me smile every time I open the doors and walk in there. I never thought organizing would feel soooooooooooo good!! I took some before and after pictures....





Not too bad, eh?? Next project...master and hall bathrooms.


Toni said...

Looks great! I'm working on organizing my home and I love getting ideas for my kitchen cabinets and pantry. Thanks for sharing!

Hydrangeas and Harmony said...

That does look good! I'm sure it's much more functional for you too. TFS

Delightful Order said...

You've been featured!

Thanks for linking to the party! Hope to see you back this Thursday.


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