Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Time = Lots of Pictures

Easter 2010 turned out to be a busy time for my camera. Coloring eggs, egg hunts, church pics,, click, click!!! I think I was dreaming about getting the perfect picture when we went to sleep Sunday night. I sorted through 175 pictures and will share some of my favs....

Thursday we let the kids dye eggs.... It was so hard for them not to stick their hands in the dye. Jak thought that the vinegar smelled gross..but that didn't stop him from from sticking his nose in the cup every time I looked away. Over-all the egg coloring experience went well. No major spills or messes. A success in my book.

Easter morning the kids came out of their rooms to find that the Easter Bunny had left them a present and had hid easter eggs full of money all over the house. They grabbed their baskets and began to search. When we found all the eggs they got out their piggy banks (or as they call them "penny banks") and put the change in them. For some reason Eva refused to put her money in her bank. She gave it all to Jak. Weird-o!! Jak didn't seem to mind.

Before church I tried to snapped a few pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits...we were already late so I didn't try too long. This was the best least they are both smiling :)

We all went out to Rick and Debbie's house (aka, Papa and Nana's) for Easter lunch and an Egg Hunt. The kids were super excited for the egg hunt and it took everything they had to wait patiently on the steps before hand. When we gave them the go ahead they all started running and picking up eggs. The best part... the kids would pick up and egg, shake it, and if it didn't rattle (there were some real dyed eggs out there) they would throw it back down!!! Smart little turds!!!

After the Egg Hunt we tried to get a family picture..but Jak and Eva were more inerested in eating the candy than looking at the camera. So we decided to just get a picture with Trev and I....which turned out to be almost as difficult. Trev just loves to get his picture taken.

That evening we tried to fly kites. Rick got his kite up in the air right away...but Trev and Jak didn't have as much luck. They tried really hard...but those Kansas winds weren't blowing hard enough.

Finally...Trev got it to fly for a few minutes, but when it started to fall I told Jak to blow really hard so it would stay up. He blew and blew...but it just didn't seem to help :)

After kite flying Uncle Garrett gave rides on his 4-wheeler. Jak loved it...Eva not so much. We finally convinced her to ride with Daddy and Jak...and she had a blast.

One last note..... I've started the count down til #3 arrives.... 15 1/2 weeks left!!! We had the ultrasound a few weeks gender news. We decided to stay strong and keep it a surprise.

24 1/2 weeks along (aka 5 months..) YAY!!!


Kylie said...

What a great holiday - loved spending it with you guys....these kids may be a pain, but they sure are lots of fun, too!

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