Friday, October 29, 2010


I have been thinking a lot about how our Halloweens have changed in the last four years. We went from dressing one kiddo in a three, just like that!! I spent the last couple days looking at pictures and reflecting back on those past Halloween costumes...we have definitely had some good times!!


2006 was our last year in Oklahoma City and it was also Jak's FIRST Halloween. We thought he would make a cute Jack-o-lantern. That seemed to be the obvious choice since his name is Jak ;) He definitely was the cutest Jack-o-lantern ever..and the perfect pumpkin on our porch!!


2007: This year we moved to Wichita and lived with Trever's parents while our new house was being built. Jak was 1 year old and ornery as ever!!! He was still an only child...but #2 was her way!!! I decided that I would try and make Jak's costume this year...but procrastination prevailed and I ended up buying part of it :) It was still really cute though.. he was a mummy! I bought a white jumper and tore up a white sheet to wrap him up with. Trying to get a one year old to stand still long enough to wrap up with sheet strips, turned out to be near impossible. I tried my best..and I think it turned out okay!


2008: Eva's first Halloween and Jak is finally old enough to enjoy trick or treating. I made a bumble bee costume for turned out so cute. She even had a little stinger on her bootie!!! Jak wanted to be a Biker Dude. He would sit on his little bike and make motorcycle sounds. Jak thought he looked like Papa Rick in his black leather vest. :)


2009: Eva was a lady bug and Jak was Handy Manny. We put Jak's costume together with items we already had at he was a "homemade" Handy Manny. I ended up making Eva's costume again. A little red and black felt, some black thread and you have lady bug. I don't know why I like making bugs...first bees and then lady bugs!

The little spooks were lucky enough to go trick or treating twice!!! Our first go around was in Superior. They walked down to Papa and Betty's to get some candy and show off their costumes. The kids were very excited to get candy in their buckets. The second Trick or Treating adventure was with their cousins, Lilah and Graham. Lilah was a cowgirl and Graham was the cutest, little Charlie Brown. What a fun Halloween!!!

We are all looking forward to Halloween again this year. I let Jak and Eva pick out their own costumes...and I made Ela's costume. She is going to be super cute!!! Come back next week for the trick or treating pictures!!!


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