Monday, November 8, 2010

The "Camper Box" ...

After weeks of looking through classifieds and Craigs List ads, visiting dealers and lots of research....Trev and I purchased our first camper. It is a 2010 Jayco Eagle Superlite.

We are SUPER excited!!!!! The first weekend we had the camper, we went camping in Rick and Debbie's backyard. LOL! The kids like to call it their "camper box" ....and needless to say, they LOVE IT!!! Since it isn't exactly camping season we haven't had it many places yet...but, before the weather became too cold we did manage to go camping twice.

The first weekend we went to Cheney Lake. Rick and Debbie brought out their camper too...and we had a very nice weekend. The weather was perfect for fall camping!! The kids rode their bikes around the campground and went on several walks on the nature trails looking for animal tracks. I have to admit...I might like fall camping better than summer camping! The temperature is perfect and no bugs!!

Our next camping trip (and last one..until next spring) was at Perry Lake. Trever's brother, Garrett, had a football game in Holton, KS..which just happens to be close to Perry Lake. So we hauled the camper up there and made a weekend trip out of it. Neither of us had ever been to Perry was interesting to say the least...but, the kids had fun riding their bikes and picking up rocks the the "claw". Ela spent most of her time either sleeping..or sitting in the bumbo on the picnic table. Trev and I decided that next time we drive that far with the camper, we would like to have more than just a weekend to hang out. It is lots of fun, but also a lot of work to set all that up for just two days!

Yes folks..this is a family picture!!! It doesn't happen take a good look!! :) This was taken in front of our camper at Perry Lake. We had to bribe the kids with animal crackers to sit still for the picture.....and as you can see, Jak fell and scraped his lip. Not a perfect picture of all of us..but it works :)

Next summer is going to be full of many camping trips.....I can't wait!!!


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