Friday, January 7, 2011

A look back...

Yesterday it was soooo incredibly nice outside...59 degrees in January!!! We took advantage of the nice weather and played in the backyard with no coats and barefoot!!! Yes, I know, mother of the year :) Anyway, I took a picture of Jak pushing his tractor around on the deck and it made me think of a picture I took almost exactly 2 years ago. I did some searching through my picture archives and found it. I can't believe how much Jak has changed...but still loves playing with the same toy. Melts my heart :) Here is a picture of Eva outside in her New Years hat that she made at school. She was so proud of it..and wore it all day yesterday. This pic is too cute to not post in here :) Since it has been a while since I updated my blog I will let you all know what has been going on with the Krehbiel family the last month or so... Ela has been growing like a weed. She is 5 1/2 months already. She started eating rice cereal and so far has tried peas..and doesn't like either of them. One spoonful spoonful out. Ela has also started sitting up on her own and rolling over...and just had her first tooth pop up! What a big girl!!! Geez..sometimes I wish I could just freeze her at this age. Eva and Jak love Ela sooo much...maybe a little too much. They want to play with her every minute of every day. play, I mean dance, sing and yell about 4 inches from her face. Ela handles all the attention very well. In fact..sometimes it bothers me, more than Ela. I took a video yesterday of Eva "playing" with Ela. It is calm compared to most days. It has been a very busy month...and I apologize for slacking on the blog updates!! I will try and do better in 2011!!!


Kylie said...

I can't believe how much Ela is growing up! And how much she tolerates from her siblings.

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